The Nitty-Gritty Of Nicotine Free E Cigarettes

Propylene Glycol, is the most commonly used ingredient in the manufacturing of e liquid solutions. Most of the brands of e-liquids that you will find are comprise entirely of this component, are there are a lot of people who prefer this.

However, you will also find nicotine base liquids that are made using a combination of both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, depending on your desired consistency. If you find yourself experiencing allergic reactions to PG or even to the combination of PG and VG, you can switch to a solution made entirely of Vegetable Glycerin.

Some inventions are so simple, you have to wonder why no one has come up with them before. One such is the electronic cigarette. Smoking tobacco is the most dangerous voluntary activity in the world. More than 5m people die every year of the consequences.

That is one death in ten. People smoke because they value the pleasure they get from nicotine in tobacco over the long-term certainty that their health will be damaged. So it seems rational to welcome a device that separates the dangerous part of smoking (the tar, carbon monoxide and smoke released by the process of combustion) from the nicotine. And that is what an e-cigarette does. It uses electricity from a small battery to vaporise a nicotine-containing solution, so that the user can breathe it in.

E-cigarettes do not just save the lives of smokers: they bring other benefits too. Unlike cigarettes –

  • They do not damage the health of bystanders.
  • They do not even smell that bad, so there is no public nuisance, let alone hazard, and thus no reason to ban their use in public places.
  • Pubs and restaurants should welcome them with open arms.

No wonder the e-cigarette market is growing. Though still small compared with that for real smokes, it doubled in America last year and is likely to do so again in 2013.

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