Cappuccino Blast – Nicotine Free E Cigs

Nicotine solutions sold separately for use in refillable cartridges are sometimes referred to as “e-liquid”, and contain flavoring. They consist of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol (PG) and/or glycerin (glycerol). Both PG and glycerin are common food additives.

Solutions are also available in differing nicotine concentrations, to let the user decide the amount of nicotine to be taken in. Concentrations range from Zero Nicotine, low, medium, to high and extra-high doses. The concentration ratings are often printed at the e-liquid bottle or cartridge, although the standard notation “mg/ml” often gets abbreviated to just “mg”.

Some flavour varieties resemble traditional cigarette types, such as regular tobacco and menthol, and some mimic specific cigarette brands, such as USA Mix or Kamel. Fruit and other flavors are also available, such as –

  • Watermelon
  • Apple
  • Coffee

To accommodate dripping many retailers sell specifically designed mouthpieces called drip tips. They fit on-top of an atomizer much like a cartridge however they are completely hollow and have a wide mouth opening so you can drip juice directly into the atomizer without removing the drip tip itself. Drip tips come in different colors and materials, most will have an o-ring for a nice tight seal with the atomizer. There’s really not much to them, so just pick one that jumps out at you.

Since tobacco is proved to be dangerous to the health of people, many smokers are turning their ways to the use of electronic cigarettes. These devices in the form of nifty electrical inhalers are being marketed as free of tobacco-smoke. Hence, e-cigarettes give smokers another alternative for smoking traditional cigarettes. But the question is still alive in minds of many – are e-cigarettes really different than traditional cigarettes? Read on to know the secret of e-cigarettes.

The E-cigarette is in the size and design of a real cigarette and it works simply great to mimic the use of cigarette. However, the difference is that it doesn’t need flame to burn. This comes in automatic and semi-automatic forms. All you need is to keep it in your mouth and start inhaling. It transforms e-liquid into vapor to give you a great sensation of smoking.

According to manufacturers and some reviews, smoking e-cigs feels much smoother than smoking real tobacco cigarette. Therefore, e-cigarettes give smokers another way and alternative to enjoy the nicotine sensation their bodies crave for. Because of that, many of the users of e-cigs say that the experience of smoking smokeless cigarettes is much more enjoyable than traditional cigarettes. In addition, you can enjoy various nicotine levels, as well as different flavors like chocolate, menthol, strawberry and more.

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